Dear Blockchain, sorry for being an a$$

Medical condition related to finding a girl!

Just reached the far end of my 20's šŸ˜, I realised that the hardest part so far is living in the Darwin's biological prison, with a constant urge to eatšŸœ, drinkšŸ„‚Ā and sleep with other peoplešŸ’. Who am I kidding, isn't that how life is supposed to be? May be not šŸ˜‰. Still standing on the... Continue Reading →

Minimalism with a capital ‘M’

Being the singletons of human mankind, we are always directionally dyslexic in terms of how we visualise our expressionism. Merely dividing between the choice of Abstract extremism, and Minimalism. We always camouflage the constitutional existence of our lives with different textures, while each one of them comes with their own tricks and mannerisms. Acting as... Continue Reading →

Metacognition of muted kernels

There is this background thread running in our head, sorting out the most important part of our lives, i.e. thinking. But, have you ever denominated what kind of thoughts we should think about? Well, that is what Metacognition means, it's the process ofĀ thinking about what we thinkĀ (I know there is aĀ "Duh!"Ā feeling happening inside šŸ˜). It's... Continue Reading →

A goodbye kiss to Cassini

A pantheon of around six billion souls from over 1.5 billion kilometres away, witnessed and indulged into the altruistic details of work you have done to us. Well, to be precious it was 20 years ago, Cassini started its reconnaissance. During the process of voyaging Ā  into the appetite of Saturn, it did reached a... Continue Reading →

Titanic of relationships

To most parts, life is a hypothetical Pandora's box with definite number of problems and infinite number of surprises. The cult of all surprises is a beautiful girly thing ever happened to us coming out, and that is the distraction until the next exit of being single. The abstract concept of being single is always... Continue Reading →

Uber: The goliath of startups

Disclaimer: The author of this article neither employed by Uber nor represent any of itsĀ subsidiaries. All the views andĀ opinions expressed in this article are crafted based on author's delusion, and have no intensions to offendĀ any of the current or the former employees of Uber, or Uber as a organisation itself, or any of itsĀ subsidiaries. If... Continue Reading →

Anticipating the unexpected

Standing somewhere around the corner, a cocktail of ideas started manoeuvring the lingering thoughts, that are in search of imaginary breadcrumbs of hope. Hoping for the right time to start doing everything we were craving for, mean while making an eye contact with the stranger. Not knowing, what might it look like being a stranger... Continue Reading →

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